About Pat

Pat’s interest in the insurance counseling field started in 1975 when she was a volunteer at Mid Peninsula Health Services in Palo Alto, a member owned clinic. They wanted to start a free insurance counseling service for their members. So she attended a class that covered the various programs—Medicare, MediCal, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc, and how to work with the doctors, the clients and the insurance carriers.

In those days most doctors didn’t bill Medicare or other insurances for their patients. So Pat taught the clients how to bill Medicare and their  supplements, as well as helping them solve billing problems.

Pat discovered that many people wanted someone to handle theirs or a family member’s insurance matters, on an on going basis, so in 1977, Pat began Pat’s Medical Insurance Counseling, running it from her home in the bay area.  Since then, Pat has added counseling for  the Medicare Part D Drug Plans.

Her experience includes handling all kinds of situations–helping people who have neglected their medical bills and are dealing with collectors, recovering payments on old medical bills, coordinating ongoing claims processing and assisting families with the medical insurance issues for their ailing or deceased relative. Over the years, Pat has established a large network of professionals in various fields that she can call on to help a client solve a problem.

In addition to her many years of medical insurance experience, Pat brings a caring, gentle, reassuring style when working with clients. This approach helps clients deal with the emotional stress that often accompanies their insurance issues.    As one of here clients put it: “Pat approaches the work for each client as if they were her own family member, and goes the extra mile that is often needed.”

Let Pat Johnson help with your medical insurance concerns. A caring service since 1977.