From Jeanne Smith:

For over 37 years, Pat has been assisting clients who are overwhelmed with their health insurance issues. I had the pleasure of working for Pat for several years as I started my own business 16 years ago, and I never hesitate to refer clients to her today.

I have personally seen new clients (either the client themselves or an adult child who was suddenly in charge of their parent’s care) arrive with boxes or bags of unopened Medicare statements, supplemental  statements, and hospital bills.  The relief on their faces was amazing to see – when they realized that Pat would make sense out of all this paper, and they would no longer bear that responsibility.

Pat approaches the work for each client as if they were her own family member, and goes the extra mile that is often needed.  She acts as their advocate with Medicare, their supplemental insurance company, their service providers, etc.   Billing errors do occur with these institutions. As a professional in her field, she can get issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the great service she provides, she gives the intangible gift of removing the stress her clients would have experienced in trying to deal with these institutions themselves. I remember one particular client who had been hospitalized for a long period of time and thought he needed to sell all his stock to pay the hospital bill re received. Imagine his relief when Pat explained how Medicare and his supplemental insurance worked, and that he only owed the small deductible amount to the facility!

In summary, I recommend Pat and her services to anyone who has questions about health insurance and encourage those who feel overwhelmed to request that Pat handle this issue for themselves or their families.

Jeanne K. Smith

Estate Organization Expert, Exit Stage Right,  www.ExitStageRight.com

From Older Adults Care Management:

The staff of Older Adults Care Management has worked with Pat Johnson for over 25 years. When our organization was founded in 1982, she had already been in business for 5 years, and from the beginning she was the person to whom we turned when our clients needed information regarding Medicare and other insurance, and whether and when to pay their medical bills.

When the Medicare Part D drug program came into being, Pat was the person we asked to write a letter which we sent to all of our clients, explaining what it was all about, what drugs were covered under what plans, and how to proceed with their enrollment. A number of our clients chose to work with Pat on their specific situations and the feedback we received from them was very positive. Pat is very accessible and patient when dealing with elderly individuals.  Her Initial consultation, where she helps the client sort our their needs and what help is needed, is free. Because here billing is hourly, she charges only for time actually spent working on each individual’s case.

She is not a salesperson, so can remain objective in the assessment and recommendations she makes to clients.

We couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than we do Pat Johnson.

Cheri Jackson, Director                                       Stephne Lencioni, MSW, CMC


From Ron and Lois H.:

Dear Pat,

We have been coming to you for many years for Insurance Counseling;—  your professional help to us is greatly appreciated and we thank you !

Today we all need informed people we can go to for help before making decisions about many issues,one of the most important being our Medical Insurance coverage.

You, Pat Johnson have always given us the right information so that we can make decisions that are right for us.

We are grateful,

Thank you again,

Ron and Lois H.

From Susan and Bruce W.:

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your help. Medical billing and follow-up has always been a headache for us. Your services have made the process seamless and painless.  We have confidence that our bills are submitted in a timely manner and are followed up so that we are reimbursed appropriately.  Rejected medical claims are properly challenged and reimbursement occurs.  We feel that your service has maximized our benefits from our insurance providers and Medicare.

From Mary F.:

In the last 22 years you have managed all the medical insurance papers for my family and me. You started by taking care of my mother, then my husband, my boyfriend and now me. You have been an angel.

Thanks a million,

From Peter Stern:
Pat Johnson operates a service called Pat’s Medical Insurance Counseling, and I have been pleased to rely upon her for assistance with my clients for over a decade. I am a practicing probate, conservatorship and trust attorney in Palo Alto.  I have referred clients to Pat over the past decade for resolutions of issues involving medical billings, qualifications for medical insurance, dealing with Medi-Cal and other public benefits issues, and finding supplemental or available insurance for people with extremely high medical bills before them. Pat has always been a dependable source who has served my clients with great efficiency and skill during this period.  She has save a substantial amount of money for many of my clients who were faced with overwhelming medical bills, and Pat’s skill at suggesting solutions and in negotiating directly with medical providers has been of enormous value to my clients.  She would always be my first source to call whenever I run into a problem involving medical insurance questions.

Very truly yours,

Peter S. Stern

Immediate Past Chair, State Bar of California, Trusts and Estates Section Executive Committee.

From Eleanor and Walt:

We don’t know what we would do without Pat. She got us MediCal and Extra Help and the right insurance plans. Pat also calls often to check in and see how we are dong and checks to see if we have mail that a we don’t know how to handle.