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        — Medical Claims Management
        — Drug Plan Assistance
        — Annual Medicare Update
        — Referrals
        — Type Of People Who Benefit From My Service
        — Frequently Asked Questions

 Medical Insurance Consulting:   I review your current medical coverage and tell you your options if something else would be better.   This may be a Medicare Supplemental Policy, a Heath Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan , a Preferred Provide Organization (PPO) plan or Private Fee For Services (PFFS).  NOTE THAT I DO NOT SELL INSURANCE

Medical Claims Management:  I will manage your medical insurance claims and related issues so that you don’t have to!   Imagine how you will spend those hours of freedom from paperwork!   I deal with the billing problems and the people involved, advise you which bills to pay, get refunds when appropriate and most importantly, I act as your advocate with the various providers.

Drug Plans:  Based on the information you provide, I will create a list of your top three choices of plans (according to the program)

These selections are based on the following criteria:

  •  That they cover the medications that you are currently taking.
  •  The lowest out of pocket cost to you
  •  The local pharmacy of your choice

I will explain the differences between these plans, and I can then either immediately enroll you at no charge to you or give you the plan phone# to enroll yourself.

Annual Medicare Update:  Medicare rules and benefits change on a yearly basis, and these changes can dramatically effect your health care situation.  Each year I publish a newsletter for my clients, summarizing and highlighting the upcoming changes to various drug plans and other Medicare rule changes.  This gives us time to review your current situation and make changes if necessary that would be beneficial for you.  (You do not have to read the entire Medicare Handbook from cover to cover!)

Referrals:  I have an extensive network of allied professionals, and can refer you to other resources as needed.

Types of People Who Benefit from my Services:

  • Seniors
  • Children with aging parents
  • Families with ongoing medical expenses
  • Those with complex medical claim issues
  • Attorneys, CPA’s, Guardians and Trustees
  • Doctors and Pharmacies

Frequently asked questions:

  • I am often asked the following questions as part of my complementary consultation:
  • What does Medicare pay for?
  • Do I need a Medicare supplement policy or an HMO?
  • Do I have the best coverage that I can get?
  • What is the Medicare Part D drug program?   Do I need it?
  • How do I handle medical bills?  Who do I pay and how much do I have to pay?
  • What does “Assignment” and “Non-Assignment” mean?
  • Can my supplemental plan drop me?
  • Who will be my advocate?
  • Can you do the comparison and enrollment for me?
  • Can you manage all of my medical insurance matters?