Have you NOT made a knowledgeable decision regarding your health care insurance because the plan choices seem SO overwhelming?

Do you have a policy that does not seem adequate?

Are you swamped with Medicare statements, supplemental insurance statements, hospital and doctor bills and don’t know what you owe whom?

Are you getting reminder notices on bills that should have been paid by the insurance company and the collection notices are beginning to arrive?

Have you tried to make sense of it all - but it’s just TOO MUCH to handle?


Services I Offer:

-- Medical Insurance Counseling
-- Medical Policy Analysis
-- Medical Claims Management

I provide comprehensive medical insurance assistance for people both under and over the age of 65. The choices and options are very confusing and my expertise is guiding you through the maze to make the best choices in health care coverage that you can afford.

I offer independent, non-biased consulting, and I do NOT sell any type of insurance, thus avoiding any conflict of interest.

In order to understand your personal situation and needs, I offer a free 1/2 hour intake phone consultation. We then discuss the areas of service I offer - to best meet those needs. You can contact me at: 916-408-0411 or pat@patstoby.com.

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